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Monday-Middleville @ Page Elementary Gym


5:30-6:30Childrenís8-week Self-Defense Class

6:30-8:00Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Karate Class


Tuesday-Hastings @ Northeastern Elementary Gym


5:30-6:30Childrenís 8-week Self-Defense Class

6:30-7:30Kidís /Beginning4/ Intermediate / Advanced Karate Class

7:30-8:00Blue & Black Belt only Class


Thursday-Hastings @ Northeastern Elementary Gym


6:00-7:30Kidís Karate Class

6:00-7:30Beginning / Intermediate / Advanced Karate Class




Head Instructor @ HKC, Mr. Steve Echtinaw (616)682-2814

Head Instructor @ TKK, Mrs. Nancy Hammond (269)948-8245



Dues Information- Due first class of every month


All Childrenís Beg. Self-Defense Class, 8-weeks@ $50.00

HKC KidsKarate Class @ $35.00 per month

HKC Adult Beg./ Int./ Adv. Karate Classes @$35.00 per month

TKKAdult Beg./ Int./ Adv. Karate Classes @$25.00 per month

Family Rates-First two members pay full price.All additional

family members pay half price!



HKC studentsdues are based on meeting 2x per week. The instructors @ HKC& TKK believe that this is the minimum amount of time that will ensure students ability to retain instruction and meet the basic physical and mental requirements to progress in rank.

HKCalong with TKK have classes scheduled three times per week. If school is cancelled that day, then Karate is too.It is the students responsibility to make that class up. As always there is no additional charge to visit either dojo.

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