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HKC & TKK Mission Statement




Our Mission: To empower the children of Barry County so they may be able to defend themselves in a potentially dangerous situation & to feel so good about themselves, they never have to get into a fight in an embarrassing situation.

                                                  Goals of our 8-wk. Course:


1.) Instill an attitude of respect to parents, teachers and peers.


2.) Prepare children by helping them to mentally store plans of action to choose from in an embarrassing or potentially dangerous situation.


3.) Teach simple, yet effective escapes from multiple situations.


4.) The importance of keeping our spirit, mind & body physically fit.


5.) Everyone has God given tools to help them  protect themselves.


We ask that your child come to class on time, fully committed to learning & sharing what they already know with the rest of the class.


Children are able to pay better attention when they have a snack in between  school & coming to self-defense.


Please dress your child appropriately with loose fitting, comfortable clothes that are easy to work out in. No jeans please.


Encourage your child to use the bathroom prior to class, so we are only taking one break half-way through class.


If school is cancelled, karate class is cancelled also.  We will always have a make-up class. Call if you are not sure.


                                                           Nancy Hammond, 269-948-8245