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Welcome to the Hastings Karate Club Website!


We are proud to be a YMCA program for over 28 yrs.  The Hastings Karate Club members practice out of  Northeastern Elementary & Central Elementary schools located in Hastings, Mi. We do this to keep the costs of dues down, with no contracts to sign. We take great pride in the fact that anyone can afford to take our classes.



Mr.  Steve Echtinaw a 6th degree black belt  instructor in American Pukang Tang Soo Do is the Head Instructor of HKC , as well as the  Director of the Association of American Pukang Tang Soo Do.  Mr. Echtinaw has over 30 years of Martial Arts experience and has been ranked in the top National fighters for Region 7 by Karate Illustrated magazine.



Mrs. Nancy Hammond a 5th degree black belt instructor in American Pukang Tang Soo Do teaches classes geared for children ages 5-10 yrs. old.  Mrs. Hammond was the #1 Competitor in the Michigan Karate Circuit Women's Black Belt Fighting Division in 1993.  She is one of many black belts that teach for HKC. Mrs. Hammond teaches the adults as well as offers in home self-defense clinics for adult women & men.  Mrs. Hammond will also come in to your place of business or organization for speaking engagements or self-defense clinics.


Alternative Dojo

We would like to invite you to our sister dojo in Middleville, Mi. The TK Karate dojo meets on Monday nights @ Page Elementary on Bender Rd. This program is thru TK Community Education. We have been practicing in Middleville for 17 plus years! We offer an 8-wk beginning self-defense class for children ages 5-10 yrs. We also offer adult karate classes 11 yrs. & up & our proud to be a member of American Pukang Tang Soo Do Association.


Upcoming Local Tournaments